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1DERMAFIRM Vp Empty DERMAFIRM Vp on Sun May 29, 2011 3:33 pm

It helps remove unwanted dead skin and reduce fine lines.
It also helps to lighten dark circles of the eyes and removes
melasma or “pekas.”
It is an expert skin care brand in Korea which has natural
herb and effective and safe ingredient using nano
technology application. Nano technology allows deeper
and more effective skin penetration.

* 100% all natural vitamin C
* Easy to use with fast result in just 1 min.
* One tube can be used for almost 100 treatments.
* Eliminates under eye circles, puffiness, wrinkles
and dark spots caused by pimples and scars.
*The product almost has the sane gentle peeling
effect as diamond peel.
*Safe and BFAD approved.

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