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My little Hero

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1My little Hero Empty My little Hero on Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:51 am

We have BF for 19mths now. Jeff is down to 2 to 3 feedings most days. He isn't ready to give those ones up yet. I don't think I'm ready either. Because I don't want to got thru this again quite yet, 2weeks ago he did a 2 day strike. And I got the worst case of mastitis that I've ever had. It hit hard and quick. My husband left for work before mid morning and all I had was a mild chill and one sid a bit engorged. An hour later I had the full flu like symptoms chills super high fever( left me a bit delusional) and1rock hard red streked painful boob. I'm so glad my 5year old Victor was home to help me. He made sure all of us had snacks and drinks till daddy got home. It may have been Captain crunch and water but at least we didn't starve. All I was able to do was shiver change diapers and nurse the little guy I'm so glad we haven't moved him into his brothers room yet. I don't know what I would have done if I had to walk across even 6ft just standing up mad me dizzy enough to fall down a few times. At one point he pulled out six blankets and covered me up. Then got me a cold wash cloth when I got to hot. And he kept bringing is brother new toys to play with in his crib and kept the backyardigans dvds playing on my bedroom tv. Poor little guy only got to leave his crib to nurse and a diaper chang every 2 hours that day I felt so bad about that.
Just wanted to share that my 5yr old Victor :cheer: is my hero right now.

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