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"Practically Green"

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1 "Practically Green" on Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:42 pm


Has anyone ever taken this quiz at Practically Green? It'll give you a score about how green you are, plus if you register it'll set up a personal goals list about things you can do to improve--it's pretty cool (both encouraging and motivational at the same time!)

I got a 6/10 so far ... not bad, but still not where I'd like to be. I got some great suggestions on my list too, like installing some smart power strips that help to turn off your TVs/computers all the way, plus using old (non-soapy) bathwater to water house plants! I like that! Plus, I plan to start line-drying more of my laundry now that the sun is out and it's above freezing.

Share your scores/tips too Smile

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